Varanasi Information

Festival calendar

The city celebrates numerous festivals through out the year

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Banaras and Heritage Walks

If you wish to have a guide specialized in art, culture and heritage please let us know. We perform customized city walks and introduce you to our city full of hidden secrets, streetfood you enjoy safely or the making of various crafts.

Craft tours

Varanasi has a wide range of crafts. Handwoven silks not only for sarees also Tibetan brocade, wooden toy making, pottery, enamel jewellery and much more. We are well connected in the art and craft community across India. Please visit our specialized craft shop at Kriti Gallery where we show a selection of crafts.

Heritage archives

Varnasi has a long history of heritage research. Kriti being well connected among various researchers is interested in sharing information and provide a leverage of existing archives.

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