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Kriti Gallery shows traditional and contemporary art in the field of painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and others.
Installation and Photographs I inherited my mother’s Swedish genes, not my dad's subcontinent features, his dark brown eyes, his thick black hair. In early 2016, I traveled to India to explore my connection to the subcontinent, a connection from which always felt removed. In India, I found a way to my paternal heritage—a path that took me through pattern, color and nature. As soon as I arrived in India, I was drawn to India's banyan tree; it spoke to my cultural confusion. Between the massive roots and the falling vines, a dark inner space is created that is eerie but also inviting. I began to think about the banyan as a kind of family tree. I felt like I could get lost within the roots, and so I did. When I returned to the United States, I made a number of room-sized installations from wood, paint, clay and canvas. Using this set, my exploration resulted in the photo series, Through the Roots; Out to the Clearing. Every image is an aspect of the large-scale space I crea
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Date : 06/10/2017
Photographs by Katarina Weslien Curated by Nandita Raman riktata [emptiness] "Recognition is famously a passage from ignorance to knowledge. To recognize, then, is not the same as an initial introduction. Nor does recognition require an exchange of words: more often than not we recognize mutely. And to recognize is by no means to understand that which meets the eye; comprehension need play no part in the moment of recognition. The most important element of the word recognize thus lies in its first syllable, which harks back to something prior, an already existing awareness that makes possible the passage from ignorance to knowledge; a moment of recognition occurs when a prior awareness flashes before us, effecting an instant change in our understanding of that which is beheld." - Amitav Gosh-
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Date : 25/01/2017
WALKING BRICS PROJECT OF INDIA Curated by YU GAO Artists: - LI SA - Painting and installation - PANG QI - Painting, installation - QI WENQING - Painting, installation - YIN PEIHAN - Textile, installation - ZHANG WEI - Video, installation In India, the theme is “Water”. Water symbolizes wisdom, harmony, reincarnation. India is a country with multiple religions. Indians like meditation. Ganges River is the holy river of India, which is believed to wash away the dirt of soul. The visit of Chinese artists to India is for the art creation in a state of self-purification and the exchange of contemporary arts.
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Date : 12/01/2017
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