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Anja Brühling

In 2017 Anja Bruehling gave up her global executivecareer to pursue her passion -documentary and fine art photography. She hasworked and travelled to over 60 countries. Her passions are documenting people,diverse cultures, social issues and the human condition around the world. Shesees the camera as medium to stay curious more than ever and to makeobservations, explore places, prosperity, beauty, people and the socio-economicproblems they face.


Anja Bruehling grew up in Germany with art andtravel as part of her life. In 2000, her career brought her to the US where shenow resides in Chicago.


Anja's work has been exhibited internationally andhas been published in PDN, Lenscratch, SDN, All About Photo and AP (AmericanPhotography) amongst others.

Most notably, herwork has been included in the Aperture Mary Ellen Mark on the Portrait and theMoment, Critical Mass 2015 and 2018, 4 categories of the Julia Margaret CameronAward, 1st and 2nd place winner of the prestigiousInternational Photography Awards as well as a winner in American Photography31, 32, 33 and 35.


Her first solo showat the Chicago Leica’s Rangefinder gallery in 2016 with her project BrickWorkers was a great success. Her work was also shown in several groupexhibitions - just to name a few in Barcelona during the Foto Biennale, CentroFotográfico Álvarez Bravo in Oaxaca, Mexico and the Independent Photographer Exhibitionin Berlin.


In 2019 her work wasincluded in Photoville New York City as part of Los Diez - Latin AmericanFotografía.


And now she isshowing her work at Kriti-Gallery in Varanasi.



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