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Tongji Philip Qian


Tongji Philip Qian is a multidisciplinary artist who was born in Shanghai, China
and currently lives and works around the globe.
During his travels, he is particularly interested in responding to differentenvironments
and cultures by creating woodblockprints by hand.

His prints are influenced by theconcept of the element of chance
and he is devoted to finding chance "now" and "here".

Tongji Philip Qian is the recipient ofseveral grants and fellowships including
the Annual Artist Fellowship fromSchloss Plüschow in Germany and the Dr. Judith Temple Grant
from ArrowmontSchool of Arts and Crafts in the United States.

Tongji Philip Qian received hisBachelor of Arts in art history and mathematics from
Carleton College and hisAdvanced Certificate in studio art from New York University.
He has exhibited his works in China, Italy, and the United States.


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