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Fazal Sheikh

FazalSheikh is an artist who uses photographs to document people living in displacedand marginalized communities around the world. His principle medium is theportrait, although his work also encompasses personal narratives, foundphotographs, sound, and his own written texts. He works from the convictionthat a portrait is, as far as possible, an act of mutual engagement, and onlythrough a long-term commitment to a place and to a community can a meaningfulseries of photographs be made. His overall aim is to contribute to a widerunderstanding of these groups, to respect them as individuals and to counterthe ignorance and prejudice that often attaches to them. 
Each of his projects is collected and published and isexhibited internationally in galleries and museums. He also works closely withhuman rights organizations and believes in disseminating his work in forms thatcan be distributed as widely as possible and can be of use to the communitiesthemselves.
Over the past decade, Fazal Sheikh has made all his projectswidely available over the Internet. This website is, therefore, a record of hiswork to date and constitutes an online exhibition, a publishing resource, andan archive.

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